Our services

VAT PARTNERS has close to 20 years of experience in managing VAT for (multi)national companies all over the world. Next to Big4 experience we have a practical view and an industry background. We therefore understand that your VAT position is in fact a jigsaw puzzle and that in order to complete the picture sometimes you need external expertise. Managing VAT in multiple countries means you need someone with experience, a helicopter view and a network you can trust.

Below you find a summary of the services we can provide

VAT Advice

  • Solutions to specific VAT issues and VAT optimisation
  • Reviews and advisory services for warehousing activities (VAT – Customs – Excise)
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Appeals and tax litigation
  • Penalty procedures
  • Merges & Acquisitions


VAT Compliance

  • Periodic VAT – EC Sales Listing- Intrastat returns
  • (foreign) Refund requests
  • VAT registrations

Fiscal representation for VAT purposes

  • Import VAT deferment licences
  • Storage of goods in VAT and Excise warehouses
  • Application of the 0% VAT rate on goods and services


  • In-house VAT training on the EU VAT system
  • In-house VAT training – specific topics (e.g. compliance, international trade, VAT warehousing)
  • New VAT law and VAT jurisprudence

VAT Management

  • Interim VAT management
  • Support for ‘in control’ management
  • One Stop Shop for European VAT


  • Support in preparing for and during execution of VAT audit by the tax authorities
  • (Annual) audit support